Meet Linda Short of His Majesty's Ministries

In 1995, after many years of being active in the music and drama department of her home church, a door opened for Linda to play the part of Naomi in Redeemed, a play based on the Book of Ruth, performed in a wheat field outside of Jerusalem.  In 1997, God gave her a dream that led her and her husband, Stephen, to ultimately commit their lives and resources to tell “His” story to the nations.  In 2007, Linda and her husband, Steve, were able to go on tour for a month in the US and Canada with “The Covenant”, a major musical and dramatic production of the history of the Jews from Abraham until modern day, sponsored by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.  It was through both of her experiences that she learned that you can do so much, with so little, as long as His Presence is with you!


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