Meet Charlotte Newcomb of His Majesty's Ministries

Growing up in rural western Oregon Charlotte had many opportunities to serve in the small country church she attended. She learned to sew during junior and senior high by sewing clothing for herself.

Her college years at Oregon State University were busy with playing collegiate sports,  participation in a Christian campus ministry and leadership in the college group at First Baptist Church in Corvallis and of course working at various jobs.  Graduation from OSU in 1976 was followed by a summer of short term missionary work in Belgium.

Working for a year as a youth intern at First Baptist solidified a desire to minister to people full time.  So, off  she went to Denver Seminary in 1977 to work on a MA in Christian Education which she received in 1980.  These years and those leading up to her marriage to Steve in 1982 were filled with several jobs including Youth Director, high school teacher and coach and  sports camp counselor and teacher.

Steve and Charlotte settled into life in Santa Ana California and began raising their three children.  Charlotte became active in several home school groups and she and Steve helped start a small private school for homeschoolers along with several other families. This involvement lasted seven years, with Charlotte helping run the school on a day to day basis for several years.  

Sewing skills came in handy here and there throughout the years as Charlotte sewed super hero capes, costumes as needed, a choir dress here and curtains there and endless hems in pants and dresses. Helping daughter Carrie make things for her pet rats added a little fun.

Her kids junior and senior high years found her teaching for several years at Spirit Academy, a private school for homeschoolers.  Geography, science (not her favorite) and PE kept her busy and having fun along with assisting with the girls basketball team. During this time she assisted daughter Carrie with raising two guide dog puppies.

Attending Calvary Church of Santa Ana for 22 years provided many opportunities for service and ministry for Charlotte.  She helped lead MOPS there as well as teach Sunday School. Leadership in their Sunday School class was done together with Steve as well as leading and teaching parenting classes.

Their move to West Virginia in 2005 to become full time missionaries in performing arts started them and their kids on new adventures in their journey with the Lord.  Andrea now lives in California having graduated from Carson-Newman College in Tennessee in 2008 with a music degree. She stays busy giving private voice and piano lessons.   Ben will graduate in April 2010 with an Outdoor Leadership degree from Simpson University in Redding California.  He is an all around mountain man who desires to serve God  and work with youth in an outdoor setting wherever and however.  Carrie is pursuing her dream of being a K9 police officer as she transfers to Appalachian State University fall 2009 with a major in Criminal Justice.

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