What People Are Saying About His Majesty's Ministries

"This was the first time our congregation was exposed to a production like this at our local church and it is something that we will remember for a long time. This production opens up the Last Supper like never before... To actually witness some of the events that could have taken place at the Last Supper was just wonderful. You have made that event come alive to us."
Rev. Gary L. Raulerson, Pastor, Lashmeet Church of God

“Having the production of His Story in our church enabled us to draw in new people that have never participated in drama before!  It was an engaging event and a creative way to tell the story of Christ.  The leaders had the maturity, humility and flexibility to beautifully fit in with our service.  We’re thankful for the impact of the musical, and blessed by the heart of their ministry!"
Pastor Ron Rogalski, Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA

“…I can honestly and with deep sincerity recommend all of you to any church or other organization that has a deep desire to see GOD’s word in a dramatic venue….”
Jim Thomason, 
Evangelical Presbyterian Church World Outreach Committee

“…We have seen fruit from your labor here in so many ways.  The churches are on fire to reach the people in their villages and surrounding villages.  We have been in revival since you have left us here….We have a group of men wishing to go further with the drama to reach their people with a gypsy drama of The Last Supper.  We are in plans now to revise the drama in their native language so they can carry it all over Europe to the gypsy people.”
John Fracker, 
Gypsy Agape Ministry, Romania

“Thank you for caring and sharing your ministry with us.  The eleven disciples we provided for the play are much better men for this experience and the people were very impressed with the professionalism of the performance.  But, I believe the highlight was the educational aspect of teaching the roots of Christianity.  The talent speaks for itself and the anointing was obvious.  You are welcome back anytime.  God bless.”
Pastor Gino Zalunardo, 
King’s Pasture Community Church, Hamilton, Georgia

“I can assure anyone who attends one of these performances they will be blessed as we were…This group are Christians and are not ashamed to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ in song and in their testimonies….”
Pastor Larry Roberts, 
First Pentecostal Holiness Church, Bluefield, WV

“The ministry with HMM was very good.  The Last Supper Drama really brought this Biblical story to life for us.  A particularly powerful moment comes toward the end, when the modern-day father and Jesus cross to the center to sing together.  Suddenly an ancient story isn’t ancient, but is NOW.  The whole Passion of our Lord floods into modern times and we are impressed that Jesus meant His Supper and sacrifice to be for us, here and now.  The music and performances by the troop are well done, and those from our church who participated had a great time and, I think, entered into this story in a new way.”
Pastor Marc Andresen, 
Calvin Presbyterian Church, Corvallis, Oregon

"We invited His Majesty's Ministries to our church and found them extremely easy to work with, flexible to our special needs, and professional in every manner.  Their joy in the Lord is evident from the initial meeting, and their trust in God to meet their financial needs is equally evident.  I recommend every pastor, church, or ministry group looking for a professional musical drama team to use them.  They offer a spiritual experience, true to the Scriptures, without placing restricting demands on the hosting organization.  It was a pleasure to have them at our church and we would readily have them again."
Pastor Tom Finken, 
Victorious Life Church, Port Orange, Florida

"We had the privilege of having HMM Minster in our church Summer of 2009.  What an incredible and blessed time for our church.  Everyone involved in the drama had so much fun working with and getting to know each other a little better.  HMMMT made it so easy and relaxed for everyone involved.  When we performed for our church the Lord really moved.  Many were blessed not only in hearing the gospel but seeing it as well.  One lady in our church said she felt God's love for the first time in her life after seeing His Story!  We are so glad we had the opportunity to have HMMMT come and minister in our church.  I would encourage every church to invite HMMMT to come and be a part of your service, you will be blessed and your church will not forget the experience!"
Pastor Jack Shumate, 
Won By One Church, Oregon City, OR.      

"Wonderful, Fabulous... The residents loved the performance.  They especially like to see other residents and staff in costume.  ...some had tears in their eyes when it was over.  It's uplifting, and dramatic at the same time. Every one of my folks commented that the crew (that's you!) was so nice, and easy to work with.  I think they were surprised how easy it was for them."
Wendy Bushong, 
Activity Director, Indian River Estates East, Division of A.C.T.S. Retirement Community, Vero Beach, FL

"I wholeheartedly endorse the ministry and would recommend it to any Pastor or church.  During your time with us the people were challenged to step out of their box and try different things for the cause of Christ.  Your friendliness and professional manner helped to ease the nervousness some were experiencing."
Pastor Tim Boyd, East River Church. Bluefield, VA 

"Steven and Linda Short and their team did an awsome job...We had a family to join our church familoy and we had a lady who is 79 years old who came forward to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior...I highly recommend you contact them to come to your church. They will be a blessing to you and your whole community."
Pastor Randy Jessup, First Baptist Church, Mayodan, NC

"It is amazing that you travel with the complete presentation -- costumes, sets, lights, sound, props, backdrops. What an investment your team has made. Please extend our thanks to Charlotte, Steven, Linda, Brian, and Susan for giving of themselves so completely to this ministry.
We know that our congregation provided some unique challenges for your team, and we thank you for flexing with us and being willing to work with our unique situation.
The music was great, your rehearsal time with our people was very effective, and we had a marvelous time.
Pastor Tom Shedd, Wings of Faith, Van Nuys, CA

"In addition to our pastor's glowing letter of recommendation, we of the Mission Committee of Westminster Presbyterian Church whole-heartedly endorse our beloved church members, Charlotte and Steve Newcomb, in their musical ministry as it seeks your church's attention and a place on your busy calendar. In all their performances, the Newcomb's partners are a local church affiliated couple, Linda and Stephen Short. Everywhere they perform; local congregations join in the cast and support team. So the spiritual experience is "owned" by your congregation, and whether performing--or watching--everyone is spiritually refreshed, inspired and blessed. All of us can attest to being spiritually moved, edified and enriched by these experiences. We are enthusiastic and sincere in our recommendation that you invite these wonderful Christians who glorify God always."
World Outreach Missions Committee, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bluefield, WV


“This was the most anointed of any type of production I’ve seen anywhere in the world.” Betty, Bluefield, WV

“It was like I was hearing the Sermon on the Mount for the first time. Seeing the characters sitting around and listening to Jesus made it much more real.”
Bluefield, WV

“A wonderful and inspiring ministry.  The song "Who Is This Man?" is very touching and beautiful.  One thing that I am especially impressed by is the fact that so many people with ordinary talents on short notice can have a wonderful opportunity to witness.”
Dot, Bluefield, VA

“WOW so powerful! Truely a blessing I will not forget.”
Ft. Pierce, FL

“It was great being part of the play!  I had never done anything like that before.  It has made the truth of what our Lord has done for us (and for me!) so much clearer and more real.  It was as if I were actually there with Him and He was speaking to me in person.  I thank you all so much for including me in!”
Carl, Ft. Pierce, FL

“Participating in two (!) rehersals did not prepare me for what an overwhelming experience being in "His Story" was at the premiere….touched me profoundly. I told another actor I kept looking out from a shimmer of tears...I believe it's a very powerful performance, whether you're in the cast or the audience.”
Betse, Bluefield, WV

“Thank you!  ...and God used you today.”
Cindy Madison, NC 

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