The Fisherman and the Pharisee


This original biblical drama portrays highlights in the lives of Peter and Paul. Listen and learn, along with Cecilia, the gentile tavern owner, as they each share from their hearts about their personal experiences as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Production Length: 45 minutes
Cast required: Peter-Major Role
Rehearsal needed: To be determined

"His Majesty’s Ministries recently performed their Peter and Paul drama at our church on a Sunday evening.  Their original production is a great blend of wit and sincerity.  More importantly it offers spiritual edification for both the non-believer and the believer, answering such simple questions as “What is grace?” yet also dealing with the complexities of the spiritual life."   Jonathan Rockness, Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bluefield, WV

Peter and Paul Meet On The Road 

 Cecilia, the Gentile innkeeper, proudly showing her idol

 Peter Denies Christ in the Courtyard

 Saul, the Persecutor

 Paul Admonishes Peter in Antioch

 Cecilia, Paul and Peter Give Thanks To God

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