We performed Perspectives Of Christmas four times in December in Florida including a retirement community and 3 churches. Lives were changed both in our cast and those who watched the performances. We have reports of a number of people who received Christ as their Savior.

Crystal (Steve/Linda Short's daughter) and Steve Short as Anna and Simeon

December 5, Linda’s eardrum ruptured due to pressure from a middle ear infection. This was followed by Bell’s Palsy, paralyzing the left side of her face. She performed our last two Christmas productions with her face paralyzed!  The show must go on!!!  Especially when you are telling His Story

Our trip to Cayman Islands planned for January was canceled due to finances as our ministry van required a new transmission (Yes, we did get a new transmission in 2009 in Indiana) and the doctors suggestion that Linda not fly at this time.   But we know God is sovereign.  We are praying about going later in the year.

Our ministry’s name was so long that we started saying just the initials to refer to it! Even that was hard to say, HMMMT. We have shortening the name to His Majesty’s Ministries. It is easier to say and easier to remember.
February 6th 2011 we presented “The Last Supper” at Fountain of Life.  We had a great prayer time at the altar service at the close of the production.  Linda prayed with a woman whose husband was addicted to drugs.  We are believing for complete deliverance!

February 21st, 2011 we were privileged to be able to present The Last Supper to Stephen and Linda’s home church, Central Assembly of God in Vero Beach, FL.  During the closing prayer, one man who had been in an accident, said that he received his mind back.  Praise God for his miracle working power!!

Steve Short, Sr and Steve Short, Jr as Peter, Vero Beach

February 26th and 27th, 2011 we presented Who Is This Man at New River Baptist in Melbourne, FL.  The first evening there were only about 50 in attendance but many of them were visitors.  Ten people gave their hearts to the Lord that night!  Praise God!  It is for that purpose we are doing what we do!!  The Pastor was concerned about our love offering for the night with so few in attendance but was so blessed to be able to tell us that one person wrote a check for $500.00 and even more glorious than that was that the person also wrote the church a check!  God is so good!!  The next evening concluded with more people being saved and the youth pastor telling Steve Newcomb that his youth group had tripled as a result of our plays.  To God BE the GLORY!!!!

We headed back to WV the first week in March because we had a performance of Who Is This Man scheduled at a church in Lashmeet, WV.  Once again many visitors attended and many re-dedications were made to the Lord and bodies healed during the prayer time.  It takes many people to make this production successful and the Pastor had some frustrations in bringing this all together and told his wife that he was never doing this again.  After the prayer time he immediately asked to schedule our Christmas production!  When God shows up it’s more than just a story!!!

Who Is This Man at Lashmeet, WV

Very soon we will be leaving for our Spring Tour, so you can keep up with our schedule on line.