In June we went to Colliers, WV to Promise of Victory Church of God.  What an amazing time we had there.  We did “His Story” and it was very powerful.  Afterwards, the youth pastor said that he did not like drama until he saw our play.  He said it was so full of God’s Word.  That was good to hear because that is how Steve and Steve write these productions, by the Word of God.                   

The rest of the summer was spent in Steve and Steve writing a new production called “Parables” that requires no volunteers from churches.  They felt like this was needed for small churches and also for summers when many people are on vacations and volunteers to make up the cast are hard to come by.  We performed this for the first time at Bluefield First Pentecostal Holiness Church on September 4th and then again at Westwood Nursing Home in Bluefield, VA on the 6th.  The pastor at FPHC said that it was very well done and at Westwood a resident stood up and told us how much this meant to her.  God is so good!!

We left for our Fall tour on September 12th. Proverbs 16:9 “ We make our plans but God directs our steps!”  Steve and Linda decided to take their car so that both couples would have transportation while in FL.   Steve and Charlotte said there was no need for us to drive along with them because they have to go at a slower speed pulling the trailer.  But we both felt like we were to stay together.  Only God could know what was ahead of us.  290 miles from our destination the serpentine belt came off of the van.  Because we had the other car we were able to go back one exit and buy a belt, which Steve and Steve were able to install. We were back on the road for about one minute when smoke started coming out from the front of the van.  It was a broken transmission cooler line and Thank God that Steve Short looked at it and said “I think I can cut off the bad part and stretch and clamp it and that is what he did and it got us to our destination.

First production performed was at Morningstar Presbyterian on September 18th in Vero Beach, FL.

The pastor of the church was one of our disciples and he was very emotional and told us how much it meant to him.  He said that when they invited us they had no idea how good and how professional we were.  That made us laugh but also made us feel very good! He also contacted us by email a few days later and asked if he could get Steve’s notes for the discipleship training he does.  This was the beginning of some firsts that we experienced on this trip.

A Jewish woman, who has received Jesus as her Messiah, came up to Linda at the end of the production and said how much this meant to her, seeing a Christian portrayal of the Passover.

On September 20th, we were so blessed to be able to present “The Last Supper” at  Vero Beach Teen Challenge.  We used the young men in our cast.  Steve normally does a discipleship teaching to just the men that volunteer to be disciples but God worked it out for him to give it to all of the young men in residence.  Afterwards, we had more volunteers than we could use to play the disciples so we even had two help Charlotte with sound and lighting.  We were overwhelmed at how well we were received by all of the young men.  To God Be the Glory!!! 

 Next, we did our new play “Parables” at The Lynmoore,  an assisted living facility where Linda’s parents reside.

After the play we did old-fashioned sing-a-longs and Steve and Steve did Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?”  The room was packed and everybody loved it and wanted us to come back soon.  Linda’s mom said that the next day people were coming up to her and telling her how much they enjoyed it.  Some of the Shorts supporters were in attendance and said their mother was in an assisted  living and asked if we would go there. 

The administrator of that facility is so excited to have us and is checking with their home office about getting us into their 226 facilities.  We will go wherever God opens the door.

We traveled to Rock Hill, SC on September 28th to do “Last Supper” at Grace Ministries.  The Pastor had also requested that we do training for his drama group.  We had felt that this was to be a part of our ministry but this was our first official training.  Steve Newcomb put together the training and each team member participated.  The pastor told us that our play was over the top but that our training was even better and that we needed to focus more on this aspect of our ministry.  He also had Steve Short do the discipleship training at the Sunday night service for the whole congregation and administer communion.

Next stop,Newsong Community Church in Cumming, GA, October 9th.  Here we experienced another “first”.  The pastor attended the Saturday morning disciple rehearsal and heard Steve Short do the discipleship training.  He felt that this should be shared with the whole congregation and asked that Steve share this in costume prior to our presenting “The Last Supper”. Afterwards, we received many comments on how this enhanced their understanding of what took place in the production.  It seems that God is expanding our teaching and training portion of our ministry. 


  Then we were off to help “Rebuild Alabama” in Pleasant Grove, AL where the tornado went through in April of this year.  We spent two days finishing drywall on two different homes and we gave a presentation of our “Parables” play to other volunteers.  We stayed at the Faith Free Methodist Church and the food and accomodations exceeded our expectations.