Spring Tour 2011.  We left WV for Michigan on April 7th.  Our first production was The Last Supper at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Waltz, MI.


We stayed with friends of the Shorts, Steve and Lou Ann Matsos who were responsible for bringing us to their church. Their granddaughter, Kaelyn did an excellent job as Danielle.  We loved the Pastor because he said they didn’t do many things outside the box but that he was excited to have us. After the performance, he was eager to have us come back again.
The response from the people was overwhelming!  Lou Ann said that the pastor hugged her (something he had never done) and kept thanking her for bringing us there.  The performance was on a Wednesday night and there were more than three hundred people in attendance!  God is so good!

On Palm Sunday, we presented The Last Supper at Ogden Church—in Ogden, MI. There we saw such an excellent example of serving others (and thus serving Christ). Upon our arrival, Cliff, the music minister had men there to help carry in our equipment. Jackie, was there with a basket of bottled water for us as we set up and she also arrived at the church at 5:00 am on Sunday to provide a continental breakfast for the entire church. After the production, there were gift bags with chocolates and personal journals for each member of our ministry team. It reminded me of when Jesus said, “If you have done it for the least of these, you have done it for me.”   Jesus told us the way to achieve greatness in the Kingdom of God is to be a servant to all.  This means that whatever service you provide in His name is noticed in Heaven.

On Wednesday, April 20th, we performed The Last Supper in Fenton, MI.  However, you will notice that the woman in the picture is not Linda.  Linda had laryngitis.

The morning of the performance, a friend of the Short’s, that is a Hollywood actress, who moved to a town one hour from Fenton recently, called to make arrangements to meet with them to see the play.  Steve answered Linda’s phone because she could not speak. Sue asked, “What are you going to do if she doesn’t get her voice back?”  I told her, “I don’t know unless you are a quick study?”  She said she was, went to our website and downloaded the script and songs. When Steve called her an hour later to tell her what to wear, she was already singing the songs.  She did an awesome job!  Linda realized that it is not always about us!  We were praying for her healing but God wanted Sue to use her gifts that night!  What a blessing for all of us! 

Resurrection Sunday we presented His Story at Bethel Assembly of God in Perrysburg, OH.

Below we have copied what the young woman that played our adulterous woman had to say:

"I was amazed at how it all came together in the end!  No one would've guessed that we only practiced together the weekend of the production.  The leaders were very organized and communicated very well with the participants as to what they expected.  Before our practice I didn't understand how the story was going to come together.  I was only given part of the script by our music pastor.  Seeing it come together was amazing!  I enjoyed playing the Adulterous Woman and when I first was learning "Who is This Man," I was actually moved to tears.  I was truly moved by the song and thinking about His love for me even with my imperfections.  My husband and two children also participated in the production.  We had so much fun doing this as a family. My husband is not into plays at all, but I signed our family up anyway.  Afterward, he was so glad I did and said he would actually do something like it again. Even though my 5th grade son didn't have a "special" part, he enjoyed it so much he hopes to be in more plays.  Thank you for bringing this to our church!" 
We trust that her whole family will now be using their gifts for ministry.   

It was so wonderful to see how the Body of Christ is being impacted through our productions as well as 3 people that we know of that received Christ for the first time.