We had a very busy year sharing the good news of new life in Christ 1n 2012!

Performing PARABLES at an international Christian school in Brazil

 BRAZIL: 20 Performances in September
  • 18  THE LAST SUPPER in Portuguese
  • 2  PARABLES in English
  • 2600 people saw our performances
  • About 180 cast volunteers

At our first performance, everything went wrong beforehand! We were ½  hour late starting due to an overheating vehicle. But, many came forward to receive Christ including the father of one of our volunteer disciples.

US: 35 Performances 

  • 3500 people saw our performances
  • Over 200 cast volunteers,
  • 7 Assisted Living Facilities
  • 1 Mall Food Court (TN)
  • 1 Airplane Hangar (TX)
  • 10 states plus Puerto Rico

Van our host pastor in Brazil purchased partly by an HMM donation.  THE LAST SUPPER performance at the church of our host pastor.

At some of our 55 performances this year, we had the privilege of seeing people make first time commitments to Christ. In WV, we recently saw an 11 year old boy give his heart to Jesus and in Brazil, we rejoiced as an entire family came forward to follow Christ.  

PARABLES in an airplane hangar in Waller, TX and in a mall food court in Cookeville, TN

As you can see, we have indeed been busy this year. Our new saying is, “Home is where our suitcases are!” We have been amazed and thankful for all the doors God has lead us through this year: Performing in an airplane hangar and a mall food court were not on our minds when we planned 2012. God continues to open our eyes to new ways and places to show the story of Jesus using drama and music. We can hardly wait to see what new and unusual opportunities God has for us in 2013!