This was an exciting, multi-denomination week! Palm Sunday, we appropriately presented The Last Supper at East River Church (Assembly of God) in Bluefield, VA. On Maundy Thursday, We again presented The Last Supper which was followed by the Presbyterians receiving Communion. (Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bluefield, WV)

Then we traveled to Mayodan, NC to the First Baptist Church for Resurrection Sunday.  We presented "His Story" followed by Cardboard Testimonies.  At the invitation, an elderly woman came forward, wrapped her arms around the Pastor's neck, crying and shaking and she said "I want to be saved".  Another woman who had a little girl with cancer, said that when she saw Jairus' daughter raised from the dead, she had faith that God could heal her daughter.  The girl that portrayed Jairus' daughter was named Sophie and the girl with cancer was also named Sophie.  Do you think this was just a coincidence?